Historic Nashville: Civil War Battlegrounds Within and Around the City

Nashville is famous for being a looming presence in the world of music. However, the city is equally rich in history. Visitors coming to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time can enjoy the different Civil War battlegrounds in and around to city to learn more about one of the most defining moments in American history. Battle of Nashville The area covering parts of south and west downtown Nashville had been the venue of the Battle of Nashville in 1864. While most of this venue is now used for residential and commercial purposes, visitors can still learn about the historical significance of this even through driving tours and maps offered by the Nashville tourism facilities. You can also view the artifacts from this battle at the Tennessee State Museum. Battle of Franklin The area for the Battle of Franklin is about 30 minutes away from Nashville. Visitors can see the Carter House, which served as a Union command post during the height of the Civil War. Today, the structure is riddled with bullet holes showing how close Carter House was to the fighting that took place in the area. You can take a tour inside the Carter House and the surrounding area. There’s also a museum where tourists can see a short video presentation and other exhibitions. Nearby is the Carnton Plantation, which also played a crucial role during the Battle of Franklin. The plantation served as a hospital where soldiers wounded from the battle were taken and treated. Stones River Just thirty miles south of Nashville is the Stones River Battlefield. This area was the venue for one of the deadliest conflicts during the Civil War, and visitors can learn more about this moment in history through guided tours and a trip to its museum to see important artifacts and memorabilia. The area is also a popular trail for hiking and jogging. Battle of Hartsville Visitors can come to Hartsville to see the venue of the Battle of Hartsville. The event was considered as one of the most significant cavalry raids during the entire Civil War. A driving tour can take you to all the important sites and monuments throughout the city.