Who Causes Car Accidents?

For mutually assured safety, drivers are responsible for making the right decisions on the road. Unfortunately, responsible driving isn’t always a reality and an at-fault driver can cause the death or injury of another.

Car accidents are a sadly common occurrence in the United States, standing in as a cause of 35000 annual fatalities according to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. This averages to about 3,287 deaths per day and a tragic 20-50 million cases of injury and or disability daily. Auto accidents can be caused by many factors, from bad weather and automobile malfunction to drunk driving and speeding. While not all auto accidents are fatal, they can lead to debilitating injuries, costs, or damages.

In many cases, a lawyer can help gain deserved compensation for those who were injured or involved in an accident due to the irresponsibility or negligence of another party. In the cases of driving error, speeding, irresponsible driving, mechanical or highway defects, or drunk driving, the victim might want to seek a lawyer to earn compensation, especially if the victim’s or the offender’s car insurance doesn’t help to cover all costs of the accident. If involved in an accident, contact a car accidents attorney to get the deserved settlements.

The process for pursuing such compensation can vary depending on the case. The injured party is considered the plaintiff and the negligent driver, the defendant. In the preliminary phase, the option to settle might be the first and last step, if the at-fault driver agrees to pay the compensation in order for the lawsuit to be dropped. Many cases actually end in settlement, especially if the at-fault driver is clearly in the wrong and they or their lawyers admit to this wrong. If the settlement isn’t agreed upon, however, the lawsuit can continue and the parties will go to trial. If the lawsuit goes to trial, then the attorneys will fight to prove why the defendant was negligent or irresponsible in the operation of the motor vehicle. There are a lot of reasons to decide to go to trial or not, including how probable it is that you will win, how much money you’ll get out of the lawsuit if you do win, and how immediately you need compensation.

Negligence in driving can take the form of ignoring traffic signs or laws, unsafe driving, use of drugs or alcohol, or negligence of speed limits. However, there are many other sources of negligence or situations that might place the plaintiff in a position to press for compensation.

If the accident is not caused directly by another driver, another party might be at fault. If the accident was caused by a malfunction in the car itself, for example, the automobile manufacturer might owe compensation for the incident. Defective products such as airbags or safety accessories as well as mismanagement such as improper signage or road maintenance may allow the injured driver to press for payment. These malfunctions can either come from design or due to a bad manufacturing batch.

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