Cool Lipo: One of the Best Laser Liposuction Procedures in the World

Ridding your body of unwanted fats through the use of laser technology has just gotten better, faster and safer with the introduction of the Cool Lipo laser system. The latest in cosmetic procedure, Cool Lipo melts body fats and removes liquefied fat without causing changes in skin pigmentation.

Its 1320 nanometer wavelength design, which ruptures fat cells, allows for the uniform absorption of collagen, water and fat with the least effect on melanin (the dark brown to black pigment in people and animals’ skin, hair and iris of the eye that is responsible for the tanning of sunlight-exposed skin) and hemoglobin.

This minimally invasive procedure can be performed on different areas of the body, such as the knees, lower stomach, waist, chin, neck, upper arms, jaw line, thighs, and all other body areas where fat pockets and loose skin remain despite diet and exercise. The procedure usually lasts an hour for each area to be treated, while healing normally takes a few days – this means that the person who has undergone the liposuction treatment can choose to work after a day or two of complete rest. And since the Cool Lipo’s wavelength, which enhances the formation of new collagen to replace the old, goes on for up to 10 months, improvement in the texture and tightness of the skin on areas treated is continuous. Furthermore, the removal of fat cells means that Cool Lipo’s results are permanent (since new fat cells are never created even in adults who observe good, healthy eating habits).

FDA-approved CoolLipo, which is designed by CoolTouch, is presently acknowledged as one of the world’s best laser liposuction techniques. It makes use of Duet Cannula, an exclusive technological apparatus, which disrupts and turns the fat into liquid so it can removed using a suction device.

Compared to other liposuction laser systems designed in the past, Cool Lipo is known to be more effective and safe; it also does not cause so much pain, bleeding and bruising, unlike conventional liposuction treatments.

Though the treatment may be quite costly, its effects are far better and more satisfying than other laser treatments. It may also cause side effects, like mild swelling around the treated area, but such is a normal result of the procedure that last only for a short time. To ensure safety, you should only go to highly qualified surgeons to avail of this minimally invasive procedure.


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